Sunday, March 25, 2012

What if we all woke up and imagined peace?

Communique #2

Grow. Grow. Grow.

Grow herbs, grow gardens, grow yourselves, grow your community. Do you know how much safer we would all be if we knew our neighbors? Really truly knew them? I'm reading more and more about intentional communities, and would like to try it myself sometime soon.

 I'm a really private person, actually, and cherish my home space quite a bit...but I can't deny that the idea of sharing communal space (through co-housing or some similar organized living scheme, with chickens!) is fast becoming life plan number one right now. I like living in the city, but that's no reason I can't do urban farming, too. And pool resources with close and like-minded friends? Shared food systems, shared social groups, support as a family would give, and one day, maybe childcare.

 It's a lovely dream, and can you imagine how much less stressed out we'd be? You just have to be honest, and have healthy boundaries. It is possible, I truly believe it. I just turned 28, and I have an amazing and loving support group thanks to my time at my local pub. There are people who, just because of who we mutually know, would always have my back at Dunnes. Just love the place.

 I encourage you to assess your close ties, both friends and family, and make plans for co-housing, car-sharing, childcare, tools, food, etc...Who says we can't? Wouldn't it be so much easier than sucking at the teat of mega-corporations and big Agra? We can provide for ourselves? We have makers, we have clothiers, we have electricians, we have gardeners, we have artists, we have enough to make it. And make it kind, and make it beautiful. Don't you yearn for that? I do. And that's why I want to grow.

Just grow.


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