Friday, January 21, 2011

Self Indulgence at Its Very best

Can you possibly believe I've never really had a go at blogging? I'm not going to lie, I have pathetic half-ass live journal entries from 2007, a failed tumblr account, a way too self-serious other blogger blog with one post...but this one feels good, guys. It really does. I totally won't ditch it like the others. It's special.

Notice how many times I said 'I' in that paragraph? This is what I'm talking about. Can anyone who has ever met me really believe I do not already have a regular blog where I write about...myself? I love me! I think I'm rad. I also like to think I temper this attitude with beautiful, understated humility. Hah. You see what I did there?

So what started this particular foray was a facebook post. Facebook- for people like me, who are too lazy to blog, right? I get responses to my status updates, but it's all nice and safe because theoretically I know, like, at least half the a-holes I've friended on FB. Well I caught myself saying, in all self-aware honesty, 'I totally get off on major facebook response.' And it's true.

I totally fucking do.

But, coming to this realization, I now know I must expand my self-indulgent stuff to a better, more appropriate platform. One that people would actually have to bother clicking to from my facebook page, because hey, I don't want to alienate folks who don't want to know my personal distaste for hugging (save it for another blog, I know). I need a little walking around room. There's a crazy awesome word for that and Hitler used it to talk about his need to invade the fuck outta Europe (cause Mr. Artistic Temparment needed his 'walking room) but I don't now it 'cause I'm too lazy to look it up. I totally just compared myself to Hitler. Rad.

Anyway, I like to write, I'm not too awful at writing, and I should probably do more since what the fuck else is the internet for than to help me indulge myself? I sure as hell don't know.

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